Specialty and sub specialty clinics

Specialized and super-specialized clinics are consisted of two separate eastern and western halls, with northern-southern wings


The western section includes ophthalmology, gynecology, orthopaedy, pediatrics, children surgery, children heart, general operations, cardiac surgeries, pulmonary surgeries, urology, plastic surgery, skin and hair care, nutrition and dietary regime-therapy, endocrine and pregnancy and breastfeeding clinics


  Eastern hall includes 10 clinics, namely interior brain and nerves, internal pulmonary, endocrine glands, ENT surgeries, digestion, kidney, rhomatology, oncology, psychiatrics, pain, genetic, infections, brain and nerves, internal heart and dentistry


Clinics’ diagnostic and treatment measures are as stated below

Heart Clinic: electrocardiogram, echocardiography, trans-esophageal echocardiography, echo-stress test, exercise test, Holter monitor, blood pressure Holter

Gynecology clinic: Pap-smear, teen-prep, Cryo(freeze), Cooter, colposcopy, IDU placement and removal

Ear, throat and nose clinic: Stroboscopy, sinus endoscopy, ear cleansing, removing extraneous objects from ear

Hearing evaluation clinic: audiometry, tympanometry, OAE

Auditory electrophysiology and balance clinic: DPOAEs, TEOAEs, cVEMP, oVEMP, Enoch-G

Eye Clinic: laser, eye angiography

Pulmonary clinic: respiration parameters measurement methods including PFT, BODY BOX

TCD and EEG clinics: this clinic welcomes the patients in need of brain electrical surveys and blood circulation measurement by making use of sonic waves

Nutrition and dietary regime-therapy clinic: in this section the entire array of the therapeutically effective dietary regimes and fitness including dietary regimes for diabetes, renal diseases, supplementary nutrition, weight gain and loss are offered.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding clinic: training the mothers with breastfeeding styles in pregnancy period and solving the breastfeeding problems post-delivery is routinely performed everyday from 10:00 to 17:00. All of the courses are free of charge. Telephone numbers: 88569546; Mobile number: 09331449029.

Pain clinic: in this clinic methods of feeling no pain are taught by the pain specialists to cure acute and chronic pains


There are three methods for reserving a visit time or make an appointment for any of the clinics, as stated below

Attending in person

Making a phone call during working hours (8 to 19) with the number 88571066

Via internet by visiting the site: www.laleh-hospital.com