Physical medicine and physical therapy division

Physiotherapy Unit is furnished with advanced electrotherapy, mechanotherapy and exercise-therapy equipment concomitantly along with performing state-of-the art scientific specialized treatments and it makes use of various proactive prevention measures and acute and chronic musculoskeletal pains and other disorders pertaining to nervous system, musculature, skeletons all of which are carried out in appropriate and convenient environment which receives the respectable referrers. Besides the out-patient referrers, physiotherapy services are also carried out for the hospitalized patients with the presence of a specialist physiotherapist attending the patient room on a daily basis. These services include the followings: physiotherapy, laser therapy, magnet therapy, biofeedback, shock wave therapy, nerves and musculature bars, joint injections, acupuncture, speech therapy, work therapy, Yumeiho Therapy (massage therapy) and technical orthopaedy