Laleh Hospital radiotherapy and Oncology Center (LAROC)

 Clinical radiation oncology center makes use of common hospitalization facilities, clinics and modern linear accelerator devices such as Linear Accelerators, Digital Simulators, Treatment Planning Systems and it is connected to hospital’s CT-SCAN center for performing CT Simulation and it is well equipped with various dosimetry devices and physical radiotherapy and patients’ follow-up clinics. This unit enjoys cooperation with a group of specialist physicians, physiotherapist peers, radiotherapy experts and administrative and service cadre to offer full-time (morning and afternoon) services to the respectable patients

This center’s treatment services include noninvasive solid tumors treatment and radiotherapy (radiation therapy by means of various techniques), systematic treatments (chemotherapy and target-oriented drugs and so forth) and simultaneous treatments, chemo-radiation, offering counseling services to various specialist groups of the hospital for the purpose of making well-informed diagnosis and palliative-curative cancer treatment.

In order for the dear patients to be able to make use of LAROC facilities, they can refer to the specialist physicians in this center during working hours and through previously making coordination with the admission head (from 9:00 to 18:00) via making a phone call with the telephone number 81472900 and/or referring to the hospital’s site