Patients who require chemotherapy to complete their treatment process are admitted to day care, followed by chemotherapy. Hours of admission on non-holiday days are from 7 to 14.


Introduction Section

An oncology section consists of a 80-m wide six-board BIG WARD hall  , a two-bed room adjacent to the procedure room salon and a room for a reset room and a room for oncology physicians.

Each onchology bed is equipped with an oxygen and central suction. The back space of each bed has a power outlet and a window open to the open space. Each bed is separated by a parachute from the adjacent bed, and the distance from each bed to another is one meter. Bed linen , blankets , pillows  , under-arm pads ( for direction IV LINE ) , lacquer , serum , step , or underwear and slippers from other accessories. Every bed is

The heating and cooling system is applied through central ventilation.

In addition to oxygen and central suction , three portable capsules and one portable suction device, along with an instruction that is mounted on it, is located in the section, which is controlled daily for use.

 With regard to the oncology patients' morale , this unit is equipped with a DVD player and a large television set, which, if desired, will be mildly transmitted to cinematic films or music, helping to keep calm and shorter timing of chemotherapy.



Pre-chemotherapy preparation:

به منظور اطمينان از IV LINE  و نيز دادن مايع و هيدراته كردن بيمار و جلوگيري از عوارض دارو يك سرم  500cc N/S , حاوي پريمد كه غالباً AUp plasil وAmp DEXAMETASONE مي باشد طي يك ساعت به بيمار تزريق مي شود . لازم به ذكر است كه پريمد هر دارو خاص خودش است و طبق Order انجام مي شود و به طور كلي Premedication در تمام بيماران با توجه به واكنش هاي دارويي , متقاوت مي باشد . پريمدها عبارتند از :

  آماده ساز ي داروهاي شيمي درماني :

Chemotherapy based on height and weight and the complex formulas Order , and smoking drugs in accordance with the Orderof the utmost importance. Nurse chemotherapy while maintaining safety and after wearing a gown  mask , goggles and gloves space under the hood of your medications, depending on the Order drawn and the serum is entered is then labeled with the name and ill - treatment serum - The volume of the cold - the time of start and end of injection and the date on the serum is glued to the head and is prepared by arranging the correct droplets for infusion.


The names of physicians in the oncology section


Hematology and oncology physicians:   

  Mr. Dr. Ramezanali Sharifian

  Mr. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Zadeh


Radiotherapy and oncology physicians:     

 Mr. Dr. Farhad Samiei

 Mr. Dr. Goodarz Mazdai

 Mr. Ata Allah Jahangirrand


How to accept:

The acceptance of the patient on oncology is that patients with a form of introducing a letter of insurance, which they claim from their insurance company, as well as the hospital admission letter received by the doctor, go to the hospital admission and pay a fee according to the tariffs. You pay in the fund and then receive your case from the admission unit. After these actions, you can see the name and profile of the patient in the computer section.

After entering the patient , the nurse introduces her oncology and shows her whereabouts. The first patient visit is usually done by the doctor at the clinic or the hospital, and the patient is referred to by the physician's instructions as typed. All the treatment measures that are done for the patient are described and the hospital card and contact number are provided. In-service training is done and all patient questions are answered.



After the chemotherapy, the patient can be discharged with confidence in the good general condition and the lack of response to the patient's drug.

The patient's financial file is completed by the secretary and sent to the discharge unit and is recorded on the computer system. The attendants will pay the bills by paying a visit to the unit of discharge and mentioning the patient's name. At the end, the letter of departure of the patient from the hospital is issued in three copies, one copy of which is delivered to the department and the patient can leave the department. The other version is given at the time of leaving the hospital and a copy is received by the patient himself and remains with him.