Floor Information

Fourth Floor

Post-CATH department

Heart surgery section

Oncology ward

The internal sections 1& 2

ICU-C (Surgery intensive care) unit

Third Floor

Third Surgery Unit(General operations)

Fourth floor Surgical unit(orthopedic ,brain and neurosurgery)

ICU-G Unit (ICU-General)

Video EEG unit

Second Floor

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit

Division of ENT, Ophthalmology  and cosmetic surgery

Pediatrics care

Infants and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

First Floor

Operating room

Cardiovascular department division of cardiac catheterization

Delivery Room

CCU (Cardiac/coronary care unit)

(ICU-OH)Open heart surgery intensive care unit

Ground Floor

Specialty  and sub specialty clinics


First basement Floor

Emergency Unit

Imaging Center (Radiology, ultrasound, CT-Scan and MRI)


Endoscopy Unit

Physical medicine and physical therapy division

Dialysis Unit

Lithotripsy and Urodynamics Unit

Bone Densitometry Unit

The Second Basement Floor

Laleh Hospital radiotherapy and Oncology Center (LAROC)