Delivery Room

this section is one of the most highly equipped delivery rooms in the country and it is furnished with the modern equipment and facilities available worldwide

Delivery rooms are separated and offer the following services

The practicability of natural delivery based on physiologic and painless methods

Neonatal health monitoring such as neonatal electrocardiogram (NST) and neonatal heart monitoring

Pregnancy healthiness monitoring including Tachometry, amniocentesis test

Supervised hospitalization rooms with the mother and neonatal health monitoring; equipment in high risk pregnancies and in patients with complaints regarding water-breaking, hemorrhage, reduction in neonatal movements, pregnancy-period hypertension, preeclampsia, pregnancy diabetes, early delivery possibility, pregnancy cravings, risks of abortions and recurrent abortions

The possibility of the presence of a companion personal obstetrician for the mothers in order to provide them with special cares like massage, relaxation and contributing to delivery facilitation through performing certain maneuvers

Preliminary protections for the purpose of pre-cesarean preparations


The possibility for the presence of personal and experienced obstetrician for providing specialized preliminary protections post-natural and cesarean delivery of the child

Pregnancy-period training and educational services including familiarization and preparation for natural delivery (physiologic and painless delivery), pregnancy period physical exercises, pregnancy nutrition, personal sanitation, mental health counseling

Post-delivery educational services including infant care, appropriate post-delivery physical exercises, breastfeeding training

Photography and filming: In case it is wished for by you, there is a possibility to make use of filming and photography facilities before and after delivery

Child birth certificate issuance: this service is offered on working days only. The parents are required to have their original and copy of their national card and Identity certificate offered when the birth certificate is issued.