IVF Department

IVF section is one of the most successful centers nationwide. Due to its being staffed with famous and experienced professors and doctors, the section can provide the following services


Surgical operations

(ICSI): microinjection: laboratory fertilization which is the most important operation performed in this section of the hospital.

Embryo transfer: it is carried out 2 to 5 days after microinjection.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET).

Reduction: in multiple fetus pregnancy when the number of fetuses exceeds two, reductions are carried out.

Cerclage : sewing the cervical opening of the uterus to prevent from early parturition

Infertility-related diagnostic laparoscopy

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

Infertility-related operations and infertility-related diagnostic curettage

TESA, TESE and PESA in infertilities with male factors

Abdominal fluid paracentesis: in ovary hypersensitivity syndrome (OHSS)

Intra-uterus sperm injection (IUI)