The Service Receivers’ Rights

Respecting the Service Receivers’ Rights

Dear respectable referrer: the patients’ rights charter tableau has been installed in all of the floors

Patient’s Rights Charter

Being provided with optimum healthcare services is the patient’s right

The patient should be provided with sufficient information in an optimal manner

The Patient’s right for making free choices and decisions in receiving health care services should be preserved

Providing the healthcares services should be based on respecting the patient’s privacy (solitude right) and adherence to principles of confidentiality

Having access to an efficient complaint handling system is the patient’s right

Dear referrer: you can identify the service providers (physicians, nurses and the other staff members) by means of pictured Identity certificates installed on the front part of their uniforms

The treatment group members responsible for taking care of the patients introduce themselves to the patients in their first visit and inform the patients and their companions, if any, of their professional rank and position

Complaint Handling System

Patients are provided with a right to complain to the qualified officials upon observing that any sort of violation of their rights has taken place without suffering any disruption in the quality of healthcare services they receive

Due to its mission, Laleh Hospital has designed a complaint handling system based on offering safe, efficient, timely and patient-oriented healthcare services along concomitantly with observing service receivers and clientele’s rights

In case any sort of discontent arises in the entire service providing stages and it is deemed by you as requiring immediate intervention, please call 1354, clinical supervisor, round the clock. Your problem will be attended to as soon as possible

In case that any discontent arises in any stage of admission, during treatment or discharge which is deemed by you as requiring immediate intervention, you can declare your discontent through the following three channels

You can dial 2020 which is an IVR and declare the reason for your discontent and leave your phone number. The person in charge of handling the complaints will call you as soon as possible and your problem will be investigated

You can make use of the complaint handling papers which are available in predetermined locations in waiting, admission, accounting and emergency halls. Please fill out the papers and throw them into the white-colored boxes (suggestions and criticism). The boxes are emptied on a weekly basis by the complaint handling official and you will be provided with a feedback, in case that a telephone number is left

Besides the above-mentioned channels, you can share your complaint via referring to the hospital site with the address and sending an email.

To evaluate the dear referrers’ satisfaction with the services offered they will be provided with satisfaction evaluation papers, administered randomly, upon dismissal, in order to be filled

To evaluate the dear referrers’ satisfaction with the services offered they will be contacted after dismissal on a phone call. Definitely, their views, in this regard, would be of a great aid for us in order to improve the quality of the services provided

If the referrer thinks it is necessary to make a phone call from outside the hospital to investigate the whereabouts of his or her problem, s/he can call 81472020 and/or 88571065, and dial the internal number 1354

The following numbers 1590 (treatment complaints), 1490 (healthcare-pharmaceutical complaints) and 1690 (complaints for being charged with extraneous costs) have also been announced by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training to deal with the complaints

Laleh Hospital Management knows every criticism to the organization as an opportunity for qualitatively improving the healthcare services it provides

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