Routin services to the patient

In-patients admission unit

it is located in the central corridor. The patients who need to be hospitalized should refer to this unit having all the required documents available and they will be shown to the hospital and the related section assisted by a welcoming person who accompanies them to their rooms

Emergency patients’ admission process

If the patient is in an urgency situation s/he will be guided to the emergency room and the necessary measures will be taken for hospitalization

Non-Emergency Patients’ admission process

Hospitalization admission: the patients who are not under the coverage of supplementary insurance should have their national Identity certificate and acquire the physician’s order for the hospitalization and refer to the in-patients admission unit and then they will be hospitalized

The patients under the coverage of supplemental insurance should have their national Identity certificate, insurance company recommendation letter and the physician’s hospitalization prescription available and refer to in-patient admission unit and then they will be hospitalized.

The hospital’s contracted insurance companies list is available in hospitalization admission unit, emergency admission and dismissal units

Please hand over your insurance company’s letter of recommendation within 24 hours post-hospitalization

Clinics admission

Personal attendance: You can refer to the specialized clinics in person and make an appointment for a visit

Via telephone: you can call the hospital with the previously mentioned numbers and ask them to connect you to your clinic of interest and make an appointment for a visit

Via internet: you can refer to hospital’s web site and reserve a visit time for yourself in the section termed online appointment reservation (

Emergency Unit: this unit provides for easy and quick access to the paraclinic units including the followings: laboratory, radiology, endoscopy, and dialysis. Emergency admission unit provides for fast admission of the patients’ urgencies. The unit has triage and patients’ status classification sections, children and adults’ examination rooms, injection and dressing of wound rooms, casting room, under-men supervision room and under-women supervision room and well-equipped operation rooms for emergency situations, infections’ isolation room and psychiatry isolation room. Resident physicians (general doctors, emergency medicine doctors, internal medicine specialists, children and infants specialist doctors, heart specialist doctors) are ready to provide services to patients round the clock and in case there is a need for the other specialties the on-call doctors’ presence will be requested and they will arrive as soon as possible to visit the needy patients. There is a 24-hour availability and access to ambulance services. Ambulance coordination is the responsibility of the nursing office

Ambulance Services

In case of being in need of making use of an ambulance, the hospital makes a call to the ambulance center through nursing office and the necessary measures and coordination are made. Ambulance costs are apart from the hospital’s costs and they are received directly in return for which receipts are issued


Hospital’s registration office’s telephone number is 88571081

Internet access in the hospital

For the welfare and convenience of the respectable patients and referrers, free internet services, without the need for a password, are accessible in all the places in the hospital

Hospital’s Regulations for Patients’ Hospitalization 

Visiting Hours

Visiting of the patients is allowed everyday of the week. Visiting hour differs from season to season. In the first six months of the year, visiting hours are from 15 to 17 in the afternoon and in the second six months of the year, visiting hours are from 14 to 16 in the afternoon

In special and intensive care units, the visiting hours are from 16 to 16:30 in the afternoon in the first six months of the year and from 15:30 to 16 in the second six months of the year

Children’s visit is allowed by making coordination with the department head and in case of patients’ absence of special conditions, during visiting hours

Having a companion

The maximum number of the companions allowed in two-bed rooms is one and it is two in private rooms and three in suites. For easy coming and going the companions should have been previously registered and received a Companion Card. hospitalization admission unit is responsible for issuing such cards

In order for adhering to Islamic norms and observing the patients’ privacy in two-bed rooms, the companions should be preferably the same gender as the patient

 properties protection

The patient and his or her companion are responsible for keeping all the precious objects including gold and jewelry, bank checks, money, mobile and so forth. In cases that the patient does not have a companion, his or her money or valuable objects are delivered to the nursing office head and/or shift supervisor while a paper declaring so is signed and fingerprinted.

How to make phone calls to inside or outside the hospital and make use of the telephone sets inside the rooms

To make a call to the departments inside the hospital, the connection is established by dialing the number of interest. To make a call to outside the hospital, firstly dial the digit 9 to disengage the phone line. In case that there is a need for making a call to a mobile or another city, firstly dial the digit 0 to get connected to the operator who will ask you to announce the telephone number with which you would like to make a connection.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner serving hour and the selection of food from a menu

Breakfast: from 5:45 to 6:45

Inter-meals: 9-10 and 14-15

Lunch: 11:45 to 13:00

Dinner: 17:45 to 19:00

The patients’ dietary regime is recorded by the nurse in the nutrition unit system according to the related doctor’s prescriptions. A hostess declares the food menu to the patient based on his or her recorded dietary regime on a daily basis and the patient should choose from this prescribed menu

The patients’ companions select their food of choice based on the menu announced for the companions

In case that the patient is required to stay fast, s/he will be informed by the responsible nurse

Mineral waters are provided everyday in the refrigerators

In case of the need to drink tea out of the predefined times (inter-meals), it will be served via making a call to the hosting unit of the related floor


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