Special services

Applying for a private nurse and caretaker

In case that the patient or his or her family are in need of a private nurse or a caretaker during hospitalization period, s/he can apply for them in the nursing office and they will perform the necessary undertakings

Personal nurse or caretaker’s fees are based on the tariffs announced by the nursing office and such fees are not included in the patient’s treatment fees

Training Pregnant Mothers

The objective of training the pregnant mothers is enhancing the parents’ knowledgeability regarding pregnancy for the purpose of creating a pleasant adventure of such a short and transient period but influential, on the one hand, and increasing the mothers’ tendencies towards natural delivery for the purpose of elevating the mothers and the infants’ physical and mental health, on the other

These classes are held every day from 11:00 to 12:30

Every course is held in eight 90-minute sessions from the week 20 to the week 37 of the pregnancy (based on a scheduled plan). The third session has been titled “mental hygiene” and it is fathers-specific and the eighth session has been given the title of “infants and breastfeeding” and it is held by getting both of the mother and father present

You will be familiarized with the pregnancy process and childbirth, body physiology and anatomy, prevalent pregnancy difficulties, pregnancy and post-pregnancy risk signs, breastfeeding, infant care, personal and mental hygiene, pregnancy period proper nutrition. Thirty minutes of appropriate stretching exercises are performed in every session

In all of the sessions, the mother is allowed to bring a fixed companion who will be given a letter indicating that s/he has passed the course to accompany the mother in the pain and delivery room, if s/he proves his or her attendance in all of the sessions

Breastfeeding Training

The mothers will be trained with preliminary breastfeeding methods upon their entrance to the women’s section of the hospital and when the mother and the infant become roommates.

An obstetrician is present 24 hours a day to teach the mothers with breastfeeding methods, solving the breastfeeding problems and providing the necessary breastfeeding-relevant trainings

Breastfeeding classes are held routinely and infant cares are taught before dismissal from the hospital

Also, the mothers whose infants are hospitalized in other sections will be trained

Infant care pamphlets, training books and CDs are made available

Mothers who need to know more about breastfeeding to solve their problems of concern regarding breastfeeding can call 09331449029, or call the hospital with the internal number of 1727

Mother Milk Clinic is open every day from 9:00 to 14:00 to solve the mothers’ breastfeeding problems and review the mothers’ breastfeeding practices

Virtual training is available at Telegram:@laleh_bfc and Instagram: laleh_bfc

We would like to ask you to pay attention to the following items when receiving your child’s birth certificate

One of the parents having the original Identity certificates and National Cards available has to attend for receiving the birth certificate

Birth certificates are issued from 8:00 to 13:00, except the holidays on which the birth certificate is issued by the delivery room

In order for an Identity certificate to be issued for the infant, s/he should undergo screening examination. Please attend one of the centers announced on the delivery and infant room’s entrance tableau along with your child within 3 to 5 days of the birth

Meanwhile congratulating the respectable parents on the birth of their child, they should be reminded that

The legally authorized interval within which the Registry Office should be informed of your child’s birth is 15 days and the lack of on-time announcement of the child’s birth brings legal liabilities

We would like to ask the parents to excuse us from issuing child birth certificates in case that the parents’ Identity certificates are not presented and no other identification cards are accepted

Children Vaccination

Children vaccination is performed in children clinic situated on the ground floor, western corridor, free of charge based on a nationwide enacted program

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